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 Pentium III Workstations 


Intel Pentium III Workstations Include:

Designed to support leading-edge technologies, Desktop Board D815EEA2 maximum productivity and reliability. This  full-featured ATX desktop board utilizes three DIMM socketsfor a maximum of 512 MB of memory.

Additional platform enhancements include:

Digital Video Output (DVO), supports flat panel, digital CRT or TV-Out cards

Ultra ATA/100, disk support for faster disk access

Intel® Rapid BIOS Boo

Instantly Available PC (Suspend-to-RAM), enables advanced power saving features

Intel® Active Monitor, monitors system’s temperatures, power supply voltages and fan speeds



 Hard Drive 1

 Hard Drive 2    
 SCSI Controller     
 Floppy Drive     
 CD ROM    
 CD Recorder    
 Network Card     
 Operating System    


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